Tuesday, October 20, 2015

HOLLAND HOPSON RETURNS!!! W/ Blacklight Lighthouse and D. Rice!

ASAC welcomes back HOLLAND HOPSON for a rare area performance!

Holland Hopson performs new and traditional Appalachian music for banjo.

Holland's music expands traditional Appalachian tunes and techniques with live, interactive electronics. Expect a mix of old-time folk music with contemporary electronic flourishes--Roots music for the 21st century.

Holland's latest CD, Post & Beam, was called "…a haunting, often mesmerizing album of old songs and new sounds" by Michael Eck of the Albany Times Union. Listen online at http://hollandhopson.bandcamp.com/

Press and Reviews:

Holland was named "Best Retro-Futurist" in Metroland's Best of the Capital Region for 2010. "Hopson’s recent blending of traditional tunes (performed with vocals and banjo) and subtle electronics has turned him into one of the area’s most mesmerizing and memorable live performers. Catch him if you can, as his local shows tend to be few and far between."

"...vocalist-banjo player Holland Hopson magnificently melded old-
timey roots music with 21st century technology..."
--Greg Haymes, The Albany Times Union, 1 October 2009
"Hopson, in particular, is a must-see performer, a musical treasure hiding right under our noses."
--Mike Hotter, Metroland, 31 December 2009



Laura Frare, Elizabeth Karp

Carefully orchestrated or casually discovered visual patterns or scenes are edited to produce hypnotic imagery. The oculauditory result could be described as dramatic, comedial, abstract, and psychedelic.

We are a duo. We make music and videos. Loops and samples are layered using acoustic and electronic instrumentation to create sound-collage/noise-music.


plus D. RICE
D. Rice is a local area musician who combines traditional guitar playing techniques with more experimental strategies to achieve a compelling blend of old and new. We are excited to welcome D for his first ASAC appearance!


suggested donation $5.00