Wednesday, August 13, 2014

LAK WRIGHT DUO + PARASHI on Sunday 8/17!!

On Sunday 8/17, please join us at the Upstate Artists Guild (247 Lark Street in Albany) for this spectacular show!


Lak Wright Duo: [Lowell MA]
Stephanie Lak -
audio paraphernalia
Walter Wright - electronics, drums
Al Margolis - clarinet, violin, contact mics, stuff


Parashi has been releasing material since 2010. Previous statements have been issued by labels like 905 Tapes, Tranquility Tapes, Stunned Records, and Tape Drift. Synthesizers, tapes, voices, and metal objects are the primary sound sources for his dark, expansive psychedelia. He has collaborated with artists like Rambutan, Belltonesuicide, Fossils from the Sun, and Mortuus Auris and the Black Hand. Parashi is due to release his first LP on Chicago's Retrograde Tapes in late 2014. His latest tapes--"Extra Dimensions" and "Tovarich"--are currently out on 2AM Tapes and Fabrica Records, respectively.