Monday, June 17, 2013


ASAC is pleased to present some drone and clatter for what's looking like a long hot summer. Hope you can join us!

SATURDAY June 22, 2013
Upstate Artists Guild
247 Lark St.  Albany

Insect Factory is Washington DC's Jeff Barsky. Solo guitar improvisations, swells and delays from a place we'd all like to find.  Alternately beautiful and frightening, always compelling.

Foxy Digitalis says:
"Barsky’s music alludes to static transmissions, garbled communication via invisible airwaves, alien landscapes, and dying technologies, while still retaining an interest in melody and traditional beauty. The juxtaposition of these ideas and approaches lends the record a complexity that goes deep beyond its shiny surfaces."

Earthen Sea is Jacob Longo. Sharp etched key and pedal space and tones.

Aquarius says:
"lush layered lysergic new age, the sort of keyboard kosmische that folks into Emeralds and Expo 70 should go nuts for. The melodies are subtle, the movements muted, the various tones and overtones float and hover and wash into one another like, well, waves. There's definitely a Niblock vibe too, but filtered through a more modern lo-fi space drone floorcore aesthetic. The A side for all its spaciness and dreaminess is also thick, and in its own way heavy the sounds raw, and a little abrasive, it's mesmerizing and ambient, but also intense."

soundBarn are Thom Lail and Patrick Weklar. Our favoritenoise\found sound implement manipulating guitar duo. Their recent set at our benefit for UAG was one of our faves. Looking forward to what's next.

We've appreciated everyone's support and look forward to seeing you!