Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Matt "MV" Valentine
Fossils From the Sun

Sunday May 31
8 PM at The Low Beat
335 Central Ave Albany NY

Vermont's MATT VALENTINE (MV) is a cosmic sojourner of the highest order. Whether in his regular gig with Erika Elder or flowing on his own, MV's brand of rural psychedelia is unmistakable--his deep songwriting skills are matched by adventurous sonics and deft guitarwork. He's playing a few solo shows soon before his double LP "Midden Mound' drops this summer on the UK's mighty Golden Lab Records. Come see him at Albany's Low Beat on May 31!

If string theory is correct, this is approximately the thirteenth album Matt Valentine has released that definitely shouldn’t be filed under a group name (MV & EE, Tower Recordings, Bummer Road, Golden Road, etc.). On the other hand, if string theory is correct, this might also be his 11,000th album. The truth, one suspects, is somewhere in between. It’s actually his 2nd record of “songs”. Since bedding down in southern Vermont at the dawn of the century, MV has been as cussedly prolific as anyone but the general approach here is as naked-and-loaded as the soul of Icepick Slim.

As usual, MV’s tunes and procedures beggar easy generification. El- ements of deep forest psychedelia brush against Crazy Horse guitar / vocal flourishes that explode to reveal volk-based form mayhem at its hickiest. This guy has the magic touch.

“The MV half of MV&EE creates tense, cosmic music with very little. His meandering voice and sparkling guitar sound lonely, weird, and oddly comforting. A good match, actually, for some of Philip K. Dick’s obsessions: identity, authen- ticity and transformation.”

“the hypnotic effect is like sitting in a car in the desert, turning the radio dial, and stumbling upon ancient transmissions returning from deep space.”

“more effusive guitar effects and an occasional bend into a warped doo-wop or rural blues sensibility. The only problem with this strange addition to the ever- expanding body of work inspired by PKD is that it is not a whole album”

twitter: https://twitter.com/MVEEGoldenRoad
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mattMVvalentine
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/MV-EE/162854533776883

Joining MV on the bill will be Fossils from the Sun and Wovoka. Ray Hare plays in Century Plants and Burnt Hills, and his Fossils from the Sun project is an unpredictable one, as likely to utilize guitar as drum machine and synthesizer. One constant is Ray's voice, bent and mutated under layers of delay and distortion. John Lynch also plays in Burnt Hills, and his Wovoka project specializes in a hazy, homegrown back-porch psych vibe. Wovoka's released an LP on Time-Lag, while Ffrthesun has a number of releases on labels like Digitalis, Tape Drift, and Skell.

Don't miss this one! It's presented by Albany Sonic Arts Collective.

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