Wednesday, March 25, 2015

CORSANO/NACE/BACZKOWSKI + Parashi + Ffrthsun !!!

Another stunning night of improvised jams sponsored by the Albany Sonic Arts Collective! If you haven't seen Chris Corsano, Bill Nace, or Steve Baczkowski, please DO NOT MISS THIS!! To say these guys are at the TOP of the game would be a understatement.

We're beyond thrilled to be hosting what is sure to be one for the ages. And regular ASAC jammers Parashi and Fossils from the Sun will round out the night to make things even better. BE SEEING YOU!

THURSDAY MARCH 26th @8:30 PM (doors@8:00)
Upstate Artists Guild
247 Lark Street
Albany, NY

BACZKOWSKI/NACE/CORSANO (reeds/guitar/drums)

PARASHI (solo electronics)

FOSSILS FROM THE SUN (solo electronics + vox)

2002: Baczkowski (reeds) meets Corsano (drums) and the two play with Paul Flaherty in an old Buffalo ice house

2002: Corsano & Nace (guitar) form Vampire Belt in what was once a Western Massachusetts bait shop

2005: Nace & Baczkowski meet in a town famed for its hockey sticks and first play together in a converted ice rink

2014: The trio records their first record, Stolen Car, scheduled for release on Golden Lab Records, Spring 2015

Multi-wind instrumentalist Steve Baczkowski lives in Buffalo, NY where he works as a conduit for creative music of any & every sort. Baczkowski began playing alto saxophone at age eight, switched to baritone by the time he was twelve, and has since developed a wide array of woodwind styles & formidable breathing techniques. In addition to organizing the Buffalo Improvisers Orchestra, and the Buffalo Suicide Prevention Unit, Baczkowski performs solo, in duos with guitarist Bill Nace & percussionist Ravi Padmanabha, and in frequent collaborations with numerous musicians in the Northeast & from around the world.

"Ranging through the most disparate aspects of his timbral unconsciousness, Baczkowski is nevertheless able to conjure up scents of Ned Rothenberg and Peter Brötzmann, while also taking the opportunity of sharing his own vision in diverse territories. His convolutions are raging yet equally serene." - Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes

Bill Nace is an artist and musician based in Western Massachusetts. He has collaborated with an extraordinary range of musicians, including Michael Morley, Mats Gustafsson, Joe McPhee, Chris Corsano, Jooklo Duo, Chris Cooper, John Truscinski, Thurston Moore, Jake Meginsky, Jessica Rylan, Paul Flaherty, Wally Shoup, and Kim Gordon, with whom he regularly plays as one half of the duo Body/Head. Their critically acclaimed LP “Coming Apart” was released on Matador in 2013. He has been a featured musician in festivals such as ATP (curated by Jim Jarmusch and held in Monticello, NY), Colour Out of Space(Brighton, UK), Supersonic Festival (Birmingham, UK), International Festival Musique Actuelle (Victoriaville, QC), and Homegrown (Boston, MA). He has performed in a wide variety of venues, running the gamut from the Musee d'Art Contemporain (Strasbourg, France) to The Stone (NYC) to Bennington College (Vermont). Nace’s range has been described as “ veering from sculptural, almost Remko-Scha-esque chime to Loren Connors-style elegance in only a few short moves.” (Mimaroglu Music, 2010).

Chris Corsano is a drummer who's been operating at the intersections of free improvisation, avant-rock, and noise music since the late '90s. He's worked with saxophonists like Joe McPhee, Akira Sakata, Paul Flaherty and Evan Parker; guitarists such as Jim O'Rourke, Sir Richard Bishop and Nels Cline; and also one-of-a-kind artists Björk and Jandek. His style incorporates high energy free improvising, more textural work, and augmenting the drum kit with everything from cello strings stretched across the skins to disassembled saxophone parts.

“Corsano, despite being arguably the most riotosly energetic and creative drummer in contemporary free jazz, does far more than merely bash his kit into submission. Playing loud does not mean abandoning subtlety, and Corsano’s sudden shifts of texture and dynamics are a wonder to behold” - The Wire

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

ASAC presents Music+Poetry event on 2/26/15!!

Come join us at the UPSTATE ARTISTS GUILD on Thursday Feb. 26th for a superb night of experimentalism.  This special event is being co-sponsored by the ALBANY SONIC ARTS COLLECTIVE and the YES! POETRY SERIES.  

Using the motto "LET'S SEE WHAT HAPPENS!", three musicians and three poets will experiment with a variety of pairings.  You can expect a highly entertaining and original evening of sonic exploration with both music and voice.


Thursday 2/26/15 at the UAG (247 Lark Street in Albany)
$5 suggested donation

Described twenty years ago as an "undergrounder by design," Jack Wright has been a saxophone improviser traveling through the US and Europe since the early 80s in search of interesting partners and playing situations. (Recent Europe Tours) Now at 72 he is well known for having brought improvised music into the heartland of America at a time when it was totally unknown. His musical range is as wide as his explorations, from fiery, breathless free jazz to quiet, breath-filled, and often animalistic sounds. A reviewer for the Washington Post said, "In the rarefied, underground world of experimental free improvisation, saxophonist Jack Wright is king". For more info:, and

Zachary Darrup is an improvising guitarist currently living in Philadelphia. During his early teenage years in the rural coal region of Pennsylvania a strange boy appeared like an angel, carrying a large cd booklet of wild musics of all sorts. This chance meeting at a pizza shop, plus tumultuous relationships with his home turf, school teachers, and other agents of law and rule enforcement led Zach to drop out and skip town, devoting himself to following music wherever it would take him--somewhere else. His techniques are informed by the musical possibilities of film language, jovial mockery and mimicry of plants, animals, and audience members, thoughtful room listening, word play, colors, and culinary experiments.

Evan Lipson (b. 1981), now from Chatanooga and soon to be from Providence RI. He has been active as a musician since adolescence. In an on-going pursuit of all things occult and aberrant, Lipson acquired an early interest in the lateral realms of visionary & experimental music -- seeking to transcend the existent paradigms of idiomatic expression. His formative experiences were in underground rock, modernist composition, freak pop, jazz, noise, as well as various modes of improvisation. Lipson cultivates a palpably intense and vehemently iconoclastic body of music, as exemplified by too long a list of notable groups, but including Satanized and Normal Love.

Michael Peters is the author of the sound-imaging poem Vaast Bin (Calamari Press) and other assorted language art and sound works.  Text and digital-based work has appeared in journals like GAFF, Polis, Barzakh, PEEP/SHOW, Bright Pink Mosquito, unarmed, SleepingFish, Word for/Word, BathHouse Hypermedia Journal, and Hyperrhiz: New Media Cultures, among many others. Visual-poetic manifestations are in avant-garde libraries, special collections, and have appeared in galleries, journals, and anthologies—The Last Vispo Anthology: 1998 – 2008 and the forthcoming Poets for Living Waters Anthology are the latest. Peters cut his sound-imaging teeth in the rock group Poem Rocket (Atavistic), and continues to explore sound-imaging in solo performances and installations, as well as in improvisational collaborations with the likes of Area C, Jack Wright, The Be Blank Consort, and Al Margolis (If, Bwana). He is currently working on a book about sound environment programming.

James Belflower is a PhD candidate in contemporary poetry and poetics at SUNY Albany researching artists who intervene in Postmodern declarations of the “end of intimacy” by reassessing how sensory relationships complement new experiences of materiality, affect, and collectivity. He is the author of The Posture of Contour / A Public Primer (Spring Gun Press, 2013), Commuter (Instance Press, 2009), and Bird Leaves the Cornice, winner of the 2011 Spring Gun Press Chapbook Prize. His appears, or is forthcoming in: Aufgabe, Fence, and New American Writing among others. He co-curates the Yes! Poetry and Performance Series in Albany NY.

Matthew Klane is co-editor at Flim Forum Press. His books include B (Stockport Flats, 2008) and Che (Stockport Flats, 2013). An e-chap, from Of the Day, has recently been published by Delete Press ( Other new work can be found in Horse Less Review, Lit, Harp & Altar, and word for / word. He currently lives and writes in Albany, NY, where he co-curates the Yes! Poetry & Performance Series and teaches at Russell Sage College. See:

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


The Albany Sonic Arts Collective is proud to present the return visit of sonic visionary JASON LESCALLEET to the Upstate Artists Guild. Also performing solo sets will be Matt Weston, Parashi, and Rambutan.

Jason Lescalleet
Matt Weston 

Thursday 11/13/14
Upstate Artists Guild 
247 Lark Street 
Albany, NY
8:00 PM

Since establishing himself as a preeminent voice in contemporary electro-acoustic study, Jason Lescalleet has, through his solo work and in collaboration, exploded the notion of what is possible within the realm of tape-based music. His recorded catalog acknowledges a diversity of application, from lo-fi reel-to-reel soundscaping and work for hand-held cassette machines, on through to digital sampling and computer generated composition. Lescalleet's live actions further expand his ouevre to include work with video, dance, performance art and multi-media concerns.
In the past two decades, Lescalleet has gradually and painstakingly compiled a compelling discography on notable labels such as Erstwhile, RRR, Intransitive Recordings, Kye, Celebrate Psi-Phenomenon, Hanson Records, Chondritic Sound, and most recently via his own Glistening Examples imprint. He has collaborated with Graham Lambkin, Phill Niblock, Joe Colley, John Hudak, Rafael Toral, Thomas Ankersmit, Ron Lessard (as Due Process), Joachim Norwall (Skull Defekts), and CM Von Hausswolff, among others, and during this time he’s built a solid reputation for delivering a visceral live experience in concert.
He currently lives in Maine, where he works and operates the Glistening Examples publishing label and the Glistening Labs studio for audio recording and mastering services.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Colin Fisher & Mike Gennaro + Immara on MONDAY 10/20!!

The Albany Sonic Arts Collective presents yet another exciting night of improvised music, featuring Colin Fisher and Mike Gennaro. Highly recommended! "Free jazz sax/drums duo beating out five face-melting, brain-blowing freak jams."


Monday October 20th
8:00 PM
$5 suggested donation

More acts TBA!!

Check out Colin and Mike's brand new tape release here:

Multi-instrumentalist, composer, Colin Fisher is an active voice in the Improvised and Creative Music Community in North America. Colin has appeared and collaborated with: Anthony Braxton, Jah Youssouf, Rhys Chattam, William Parker, Dominic Duval, Sabir Mateen, Neil Haverty, Joe Mcphee, Maury Coles, David Daniels, Chris Kelsey, Paul Hession, Mark Hundevad, Jean Martin, Metal Kites, Christine Duncan, Nifty, Eric Chenaux, Evan Shaw, Michael Morse, Jason Hammer, Nick Fraser, Joe Sorbara, Glen Hall, Ronda Rindone, The Constantines,

IMMARA will also be performing for the first time at ASAC for this special show! Experimental music incorporating influences from around the world into mostly improvised noise, glitch, and dark ambient soundscapes. Deep dark zones:

Sunday, September 28, 2014


On Monday 9/29, the Albany Sonic Arts Collective is proud to present:



Monday Sept. 29th @ 8:00pmUpstate Artists Guild247 Lark Street
Albany, NY
$5 suggested donation

Ocean Roars 1000 Drums is a musical testament to the words attributed to Heraclitus: 'We both step and do not step in the same rivers; we are and are not.' Formed in 2009 in New York, the trio consists of Todd Capp (drums and cymbals), Bryan Eubanks (soprano saxophone and electronics) and Andrew Lafkas (bass and synthesizer). Their music carves a deep groove in the flow of time, drawing in a continuous circulation of textures that obscure any difference between entropy and stillness.

Jordan Paul has written series of pieces exploring the html document as a medium for music:

+ more TBA!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


The Albany Sonic Arts Collective is proud to present Dais Records recording artist DREKKA to the Upstate Artists Guild!  Drekka comes highly recommended for fans of NWW, Coil, et al.
We'd love to see you there for this great show.


Thursday 9/11/14
Upstate Artists Guild
247 Lark Street
Albany, NY

$5 suggested donation.

Drekka's Michael Anderson channeled his vision into Drekka with extensive tours of the US and Europe, audio & visual collages, and side projects such as 4K, Turn Pale, and lovesliescrushing. Drekka's previous works run parallel to Edward Artemiev's soundtracks for Andrei Tarkovsky, Simon Fischer Turner's abstractions for Derek Jarman mixed with more contemporary groups like Nurse With Wound or Coil. Ethereral folk that takes on a tranquil lullaby quality, layered and textured, deconstructed and rebuilt to cause a quiet discomfort. Utilizing his endless personal sound library in a manner unique to Anderson, these compositions are arranged more like a film, showing us a glimpse into Drekka's soundtracks to films unmade.

RAMBUTAN is the solo project of Eric Hardiman (Burnt Hills, Century Plants, Twilight of the Century, Mensheviks, etc).

CLANK is Clarke and Frank.  They are a

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

LAK WRIGHT DUO + PARASHI on Sunday 8/17!!

On Sunday 8/17, please join us at the Upstate Artists Guild (247 Lark Street in Albany) for this spectacular show!


Lak Wright Duo: [Lowell MA]
Stephanie Lak -
audio paraphernalia
Walter Wright - electronics, drums
Al Margolis - clarinet, violin, contact mics, stuff


Parashi has been releasing material since 2010. Previous statements have been issued by labels like 905 Tapes, Tranquility Tapes, Stunned Records, and Tape Drift. Synthesizers, tapes, voices, and metal objects are the primary sound sources for his dark, expansive psychedelia. He has collaborated with artists like Rambutan, Belltonesuicide, Fossils from the Sun, and Mortuus Auris and the Black Hand. Parashi is due to release his first LP on Chicago's Retrograde Tapes in late 2014. His latest tapes--"Extra Dimensions" and "Tovarich"--are currently out on 2AM Tapes and Fabrica Records, respectively.

Monday, July 14, 2014

KBD(uo) + Blacklight Lighthouse + Matt Weston!!

On Sunday July 20, join us for a spectacular night of wild improvised music, featuring return performances by the KBD(uo), Blacklight Lighthouse, and Matt Weston!

SUNDAY July 20th at 8PM
247 Lark Street
Albany, NY

$5 suggested donation for the traveling musicians.

KBD is a trio of experimental musicians who have been playing together since 2006. Its members are Michael Kimaid -drums and electronics, Gabriel Beam- guitar and electronics, and Ryan Dohm- trumpet and electronics.

In 2007, KBD released their debut full length: [four plus one], on the Eh? Music Label. Although Ryan Dohm moved to Los Angeles a year later, they maintain a musical relationship based on those first formative years together. Not long after Dohm’s departure, Kimaid and Beam carried on and continue to play as KBD(uo), releasing an EP called Candid on FTAM and follow up full length on Eh?, Any Port In A Storm. In 2013, KBD(uo)released a DVD entitled Drop The Remainder on the New Orleans based multimedia label The Language Foundry, and a cassette release entitled Loss/Gain on the RCN label from Akron, Ohio. In the meantime, they have released a slew of independent releases available in limited runs at their shows.

In 2014, KBD returns as a full trio for an East Coast Summer tour.


Blacklight Lighthouse makes music and videos. Loops and samples are layered using acoustic and electronic instrumentation to create sound-collage/noise-music. Carefully orchestrated or casually discovered visual patterns or scenes are edited to produce hypnotic imagery. The oculauditory result could be described as dramatic, comedial, abstract, and psychedelic.


Matt Weston plays solo percussion + electronics

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

HOT DATE returns!! With Fossils From the Sun!

The Albany Sonic Arts Collective is very proud to present the return of HOT DATE to the Upstate Artists Guild, with support by our very own FOSSILS FROM THE SUN!

Join us for this incredible night of live music and sonic exploration.  

more TBA

Friday July 11th at 8:00 PM
Upstate Artists Guild
247 Lark Street in Albany
$5 suggested donation for the touring musicians 

Shayna Dulberger - upright bass, electronics
Chris Welcome - guitar, electronics
In search of the same sound, an upright bass no longer functions in the supporting role and a guitar is not used as a melodic or chordal instrument. An instrument is only a tool used to achieve the whole palette of sounds. All hierarchy of pitch, rhythm and form are abolished. Any structures that occur arise independently and organically. From the highest to lowest frequencies and from the purest tones to the noisiest textures, all are achievable.


ASAC founding member Ray Hare's mesmerizing solo project makes an appearance.  Anytime you can catch ffrthsun live, you should do so without question.  Ray seamlessly blends his own personal musical vision with influences far and wide to upend the very notion of musical expectations.  Each live set is a hypnotic journey into sound with full throttle on at all times.  Guitars, synth, various electronics and vocals are utilized with the skills of a psychedelic master intent on rewiring the brains and psyches of all who will listen.  Ray's live sets are heady, intense affairs not to be missed.


More TBA!!

Friday, June 13, 2014


The Albany Sonic Arts Collective is very happy to announce a night of incredible Finnish music, with two very special solo artists performing.




Thursday June 19 @ 8PM
Upstate Artists Guild
247 Lark Street
Albany, NY

Kuupuu is a solo-project of Finnish artist/musician Jonna Karanka. She's been involved in such psyche/improv/neofolk groups as Hertta Lussu Ässä, Avarus, The Anaksimandros, Kukkiva Poliisi, Hockey Night, Olimpia Splendid, Way Of The Cross etc. Kuupuu plays partly improvised spooky boogie with tapes, loops, samples, beats, keyboards, effects and voices. Her live sets are time travels through unfound galaxies, deserted huts, nightmares, dirty doghouses, sweet cakes and cranberry lakes - letting the melodies find their own ways and settle or unsettle in the whole.  Kuupuu has released records from 2003 onwards on such labels as Dekorder, Time-Lag Records, Cabin Floor Esoterica, Threshold Tapes and Foxy Digitalis. Two latest Kuupuu releases (Sous Juju & Sisar) were released by Japanese EM Records in the summer of 2013. Next Kuupuu 7” will come out this summer from Jan Anderzén’s Vauva label.

Tsembla is the musical work of Marja Johansson, a Swedish-Finnish artist living and working in Turku, Finland. Utilizing a wide range of instruments, electronics, objects and samples, the music of Tsembla rides on waves of warped melodies, fluttering rhythms, abstract voices and mutating textures, crossbreeding the known and the imaginary. Nouskaa henget (Spirits, rise!, 2013) is her third release, after the 7” Tuplafiesta, released by Jan Anderzén’s Vauva label in 2009 and the LP Fauna on the Finnish Ikuisuus label in 2011. Loosely assembled, rough edged compositions, rich in details, come together into odd instrumental miniatures in an almost-pop format, venturing into fourth world territory from a lattering, wheezing and boiling DIY kitchen inspired by Moondog, Ruth White, Raymond Roussel, LAFMS, Jon Hassell, Anton Bruhin, René Daumal, Suzanne Ciani and folk musics of the Andes and Asia. Two of the tracks on the album are made in collaboration with flute wizard Antti Tolvi (of Rauhan Orkesteri, Lauhkeat Lampaat etc.) layering up Tolvi’s overdubbed flutes with hand percussion, tape snippets and electronics.