Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009

SAT. 10/24 - GREAT SHOW!

Hope you can all make it out for this one. It's going to be a stellar night of music and fun.



Sat. OCTOBER 24th at 8PM
Upstate Artists Guild
247 Lark St.

Albany, NY
$5 suggested donation

Ben Miller plays sax and analog electronics and was formerly in legendary Michigan group Destroy All Monsters.

Matt Weston lives in Albany and is a member of the Albany Sonic Arts Collective. He's an amazing percussionist.

Andy Crespo is from Western MA. and plays in Barn Owl with Matt (and Chris Cooper). Andy will split your mind wide open with his bass playing.

Jefferson Pitcher lives in Troy and is an accomplished guitarist who has released albums on a variety of labels with collaborators Christian Kiefer, J. Matthew Gerken, and others.

Sam Sowydra recently moved to Albany. He is a percussionist and multi-instrumentalist who also performs as part of Baltimore musician Dan Deacon's ensemble.

Cruudeuces is the solo project of Nathaniel Brennan of North Adams, MA. He has also recorded with Twin Beds, and has a slew of releases about to drop on all sorts of labels.

This is going to be an EXCELLENT night of great music - hope you can make it! Email if you have any questions at all.

Friday, October 2, 2009

October events!!

First of all, MANY thanks to everyone who came out to Proctor's for the Faust/Century Plants/Holland Hopson event. It was a great great night.

Two quick ASAC announcements for our next events in October:

1) On Tuesday October 13, Holland Hopson and other ASAC members will lead a collective participatory drone from 8pm to 10pm at the Arts Center in Troy. 256 River St. Bring an instrument or a noisemaker and join us for some hypnotic drone making. Or just come and listen and enjoy.

2) On Saturday October 24th, we'll be hosting a show at the amazing Upstate Artists Guild (247 Lark St. in Albany).

BEN MILLER / MATT WESTON duo (Ben was in Destroy All Monsters, Matt is in Barn Owl)
EXPO 70 (Kansas City epic drone shredders)
ANDY CRESPO / RON SCHNEIDERMAN duo (Andy from Barn Owl, Ron from Sunburned Hand of the Man)

Promises to be another exceptional night of great music in Albany, featuring both local and travelling performers. More descriptive words soon, but for now, just mark your calendars - it's a "do not miss" kind of night...

be seeing you!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

ASAC and Proctor's bring you FAUST with CENTURY PLANTS and HOLLAND HOPSON!

Wednesday Sept. 30th - ASAC, in conjunction with Proctor's Theater in Schenectady, is proud to present F A U S T, the original krautrock legends from the early 1970s in Germany. Even better, ASAC's own CENTURY PLANTS and HOLLAND HOPSON will be opening the show. This is going to be a very special night, at the GE Theater in Proctor's, and we hope you'll all be there!!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tues. Aug. 11th -next show!

REMINDER - show tomorrow night!!! And as an extra special incentive, mystery group BLACK CHALK have been added to the bill. Don't miss this one!

An amazing night of music, presented by the Albany Sonic Arts Collective:

Upstate Artists Guild
247 Lark St.
Albany, NY
$5 suggested donation


More scoop here:

Keszler is a percussionist/multi-instrumentalist/composer, and Paul plays sax and clarinet. Together their duo is garnering widespread praise for a brand newly released duo LP. Having spent the last 3 years performing all over the northeast, they have developed a unique sound, combining the piercing high pitched resonance of Keszler's bowed crotales and cymbals with altissimo sustains and drastic pitch bends of Paul's alto saxophone and clarinet. The split tone combinations from these instruments is surprising and overwhelming, creating continuous, multi-layered, dense, shifting harmonics and intense inner-ear sound. Spinning discs, invented resonating metal configurations, bending reed tones, and voice interference carefully blend, creating a wild texture that is both harsh and striking . This is contrasted with Paul's guttural string attacks, which meet the rapid-fire movement of Keszler's low end bowed cymbals and jittery crash.

PEAKING LIGHTS features husband and wife duo Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis from Madison, WI. They've played in many other bands, but as Peaking Lights, their music has been described as avant-pop drone psychedelia, and live they are mesmerizing. A review of their recent LP says, "Sparks fly in the form of warm fuzz and soft melodies when Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis work through marital bliss. Existing in the open space between the parallel of primordial instinct and the delicate creation, Peaking Lights call on psychedelia’s most potent qualities as it floats through 7 mysterious tracks. "Imaginary Falcons" draws from the distorted pop of Wavves and Times New Viking — and in much the same way those entities wrap those garage-based trappings around saccharine pop and beachside lullabyes, Coyes and Dunis work muzzled magic enveloping their Casio tones, monochromatic drones, and blissed-out synth with the power of lo-fi static and bass heavy production. “Silver Tongues, Soft Whispers” rains down like droplets of Quasi; lightly patterned keystrokes given a Hammond B3 treatment in part due to the low frequency in which it is recorded. “New News” is a slow burner; refusing to climax despite a careful build up of white noise squalls and lackadaisical keyboard pokes.
Never do Coyes and Dunis weigh down their at-home operation by trying to cram too much into each track, allowing their minimal DIY to flourish in simplicity rather than drown in excess.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Saturday July 25th - next show!!

This Saturday, July 25th, three sets will be presented, from local jazz experimentalists The Synapse Brothers, new Albany resident and amazing percussionist Matt Weston, and San Francisco sound artist Matt Davignon.

The Synapse Brothers (Albany/Great Barrington/Los Angeles)
Matt Weston (Albany)
Matt Davignon (San Francsisco)

Saturday, July 25
Upstate Artists Guild
247 Lark St.
$5 suggested donation

More information on the performers:
The Synapse Brothers fuse together elements of electroacoustic music with improvised jazz and funk. Bob Gluck on the keyboard and electronics and John Myers playing guitars and MIDI-guitar will play live. They will be virtually accompanied by sound designer Pat Gleeson’s (Herbie Hancock, Charles Earland, Apocalypse Now) lustrous beats and sounds. Bob is well known for his presence on the local jazz scene. His repertoire spans jazz performance both acoustic and with electronics and free improvisation, avant-garde concert music and music for electronic expansions of acoustical instruments, including the ram¹s horn, Disklavier (computer-assisted piano) and Turkish baglama saz. Bob Gluck is Associate Professor of Music and Director of the University at Albany Electronic Music Studio. John Myers directs the jazz program for Bard College at Simon's Rock, in Great Barrington, MA.

Matt Weston has recently relocated to Albany, and we couldn't be luckier to have such an incredible musician in our midst. Matt plays percussion and electronics, and has performed throughout the US and in Europe. He has appeared on CNN, VH1, and CBS TV. He has studied and/or collaborated with Arthur Brooks, Bill Dixon, Kevin Drumm, Milford Graves, William Parker, Jack Wright and others. He has recorded for the Tautology, Sachimay, Breaking World Records, Imvated, Crank Satori, BoxMedia, and Drag City labels. He currently records for the new 7272music label. In addition to his solo work, Weston is a member of Barn Owl (with guitarist Chris Cooper and bassist Andy Crespo); and is guitarist with Thrillpillow (with guitarist/vocalist Plum Crane, bassist/vocalist Maggie Nowinski, and drummer James Z).

Matt Davignon is an experimental musician living in Oakland, California. Since 1993, he has developed his own unique style of music, which focuses largely on textures, arrhythmic patterns and musical imperfections. Since 2004, he has been working almost exclusively with a drum machine. Instead of using it as a rhythm device, he plays the pads manually while processing the sounds through an array of effects devices and samplers, improvising music made of organic-sounding textures, hums, gurgles and crackles. Matt is also a member of the Crank Ensemble, and is the founder of the Pmocatat Ensemble. He's active in organizing experimental & unusual music performances in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to being responsible for such events as The San Francisco Found Objects Festival, and regular DroneShift concerts, he’s one of the curators for the Luggage Store Gallery Experimental Music Series.

Other upcoming ASAC-related events, also at the UPSTATE ARTISTS GUILD on 247 Lark St. in Albany:

Aug. 11 - Eli Keszler & Ashley Paul


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Friday, June 5, 2009

ASAC weekend = June 19th AND 20th!!

Just announced... Now you can spend both weekend nights at ASAC on Friday June 19th (TAPE CHANTS, see post below for details), and Saturday June 20th (SUBLIME FREQUENCIES, see below). We'd love to see you twice of course, and both of these nights are going to be spectacular. Both are rare local opportunities to see high caliber traveling musicians and filmmakers. See you there!!

Sat. June 20th
8PM - $5 donation

247 Lark St.
Albany, NY

Albany Sonic Arts Collective is proud to present a night of film screenings, rare and unusual 78rpm records from around the globe, presentation, and discussion, featuring:

IAN NAGOSKI (Black Mirror/Canary Records/Mississippi Records)

ROBERT MILLIS (Climax Golden Twins/Victrola Favorites/Sublime Frequencies)

Rare and unseen Sublime Frequencies ( films will be screened, with the director in attendance (so you can blame him!)

INDIA AT 78rpm
Folk and classical music in India through the lens of the largest private collection of 78rpm records and dusty ephemera on the sub-continent.

Decay and rebirth and death through the endless Asian monsoon cycle. A collage of musical segments and tropical ambiance from Robert Millis and Alan Bishop.

A traditional Buddhist ghost festival from Thailand's Isan province that features beautiful handmade masks, outrageous wooden phalluses, ceremony, ritual, dancing, and endless music.

Hope to see you all there - email with any questions...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Fri. June 19th = TAPE CHANTS!!!!

On Friday June 19th, we'll be hosting Gregg Kowalsky and Ben Bracken, both from Oakland, California. Gregg will be presenting his TAPE CHANTS project, to coincide with a new CD release on Kranky Records. Also on the bill are Fossils From the Sun and Rambutan. This will be a very special treat for ASAC, so please make sure to join us!

Friday June 19th
247 Lark St.
Albany, NY

GREGG KOWALSKY (performing Tape Chants)

GREGG KOWALSKY resides in Oakland, California where he completed a Master of Fine Arts degree in Electronic Music and Recording Media at Mills College. Kowalsky’s compositions range from drone and noise pieces to meditative psychedelia.

His recent series of Tape Chants explores the acoustics where the performances occur by setting up cassette players around the space, using only the cassette players’ speakers for amplification. Throughout the piece, Gregg moves around the space adjusting the amplitude of the players as a live mix. The first incarnation of Tape Chants was released in 2007 called Tape Chants A Million (Rootstrata).

Kowalsky has had the opportunity to perform throughout Europe and the United States over the past several years. He participated in festivals such as WDR’s SoundArt-Köln Festival, Sonar, OFFF (Online Flash-Film Festival) and The Nursery Summer Festival in Sweden. His recordings have released on Kranky, Rootstrata, Kning Disk, Nosordo, Ruralfaune and others. He has composed for dance, sound installations, film and acoustic ensembles.

BEN BRACKEN For the past 15 years, Ben Bracken has slowly been creating a unique sonic language utilizing electronics, acoustic sound sources (guitar, cymbal, bells, found objects, etc), electric guitar, and field recordings.
Primarily interested in the possibilities of a kind of echo-relocation that exists with sound based art, his work has oscillated from performance to installation, often blurring the lines between the two. In both, the location of the event becomes an active participant, intimately shaping the nature and direction of each work.

After finishing a graduate degree in Electronic Music at Mills College in Oakland, CA, Ben moved on to his current technical support position at Cycling '74, the developers of Max/MSP, which he utilizes as one of many tools in his live performances. Some previous or current musical groups include Crystal Village (With Gregg Kowalsky), Flashpapr, Tiny Lights, Remote Viewing Ensemble, Duo with Luis Maurette, Duo with Zach Wallace, Bones (with Jacqueline Gordon). Ben has improvised with Le-Quan Ninh, Brent Guetzeit, Kevin Drumm, Peter Kowald, Chris Cutler, Phil Minton, Rhodri Davies, Werner Dafeldecker, Fred Van Hove, Johannes Bauer, among others.

For this performance, Ben will perform a version of a new work in progress which utilizes the computer analysis of feedback tones to excite an unplayed guitar.

FOSSILS FROM THE SUN is the solo project of Ray Hare, also a member of Century Plants, Burnt Hills, and Twilight of the Century, and Transcendental Manship Highway. Fossils From the Sun incorporates the use of minimal electronics, guitar, feedback loops, microphones, and vocals. Hare's music has been described as "Slow evolutions coming across like a piper’s lament,but with more friction / swooping ...burring in sustain, like wire skyscrapers wavering round a puppet master's hands... Gathering and nitric, marvellous stuff that glows with an energy you can literally taste with your eyes..." Live performances from Fossils From the Sun are always intensely captivating.

Hare is also a founding member of ASAC. He has released solo recordings on a number of labels around the globe including Tape Drift, Reverb Worship, Abandon Ship, Peasant Magik, and Bum Tapes. Upcoming recordings are due on Phantom Limb, Digitalis, Peasant Magik, and Random Investment.

RAMBUTAN is the solo project of Eric Hardiman, also part of Century Plants, Burnt Hills, Twilight of the Century, and Transcendental Manship Highway. As Rambutan, he has released recordings on Tape Drift, Abandon Ship, 905 Tapes, House of Alchemy, and Stunned Records. Forthcoming releases are due out on Small Doses, Digitalis, Existential Cloth Recordings, Peasant Magik, and Tired Trails. Hardiman is also a founding member of ASAC and runs Tape Drift Records.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ASAC Videos!

Stay tuned here for more show announcements soon, but in the meantime, here's some great ASAC video clips you might want to watch. Hope to see you all soon!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ASAC returns on THURS. April 16th!

Don't worry - we haven't disappeared. We're all happy to announce that ASAC is back and ready to begin shows again at the Upstate Artists Guild. We're super happy to be back in action with some exciting shows coming up for spring and summer.

Mark your calendars for this one now!!


247 Lark St.
Albany, NY

Albany Sonic Arts Collective presents





Area C is Erik Carlson, a composer, media artist and architect based in Providence, RI. His work examines sound as an evocative presence, often acting as a marker, in the physical and mental spaces we inhabit. Since 2002 he has been recording and performing under the name AREA C, whose compositions work with timbre, texture and live loops, exploring cyclical relationships and the details of their decay over time. Improvisation plays an important part in both recordings and live performances, encompassing extended explorations of minimal rhythm and melody, drawing on remnants of other times and places, outdated and untested technologies, signals sent out but never received

Mudboy is also from Providence RI, and has been described as a "doctor of experimental organomics", a patch-cable conjurer, and a shadowy avant provocateur. Musically he casts a hypnotic spell that should not be missed.

Holland Hopson is a founding member of ASAC. He is also a composer, improviser and electronic artist. As an instrumentalist, he performs on soprano saxaphone, clawhammer banjo, and electronics. He has performed at ASAC numerous times, and each time has wowed audiences with his musical mastery. He was last seen swimming in the "River of Drone", a 12-hour live drone performance at the Upstate Artists Guild in November 2008.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

SATURDAY Feb. 7th event!

Hope you can all make it to this one. Stay tuned for details on ASAC-sponsored shows happening EVERY Saturday in February too.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

first show of 2009!!

yes, that's right - we are back and ready to bring on 2009 in style! More details soon, but here's the basic scoop:

Albany Sonic Arts Collective Presents...


WEDNESDAY January 28th
doors 7:30, music 8pm (Sharp)
247 Lark St. Albany, NY
$5 suggested donation

Trauma is the duo of Ben Hall + Chris Riggs from Michigan. Ben also plays drums with Graveyards (featuring John Olson of Wolf Eyes). Chris is a serious guitar shredder. Together, they create powerful, post-free jazz and punk informed music that could be described as DISCHARGE meets AMM, with a healthy dose of Morroccan Gnawa trance music thrown in. Not to be missed!

Herons hail from Annandale-on-Hudson (ie Bard College) just down the river. They make wonderful sonic stews that one might descibe as psychedelic, hypnotic, heavy, deep, and utterly engaging. They often perform with excellent multimedia video projections.

Sleepy Demons are from Hudson and feature musicians who have played ASAC before in the past year (Cyrus Gengras, Jeremy Kelly). An amazing amalgam of talent, they dabble in drone, noise, psychedelia, homemade electronics, and much much more.

Twilight of the Century is the resident ASAC collaborative group of Linda Aubry Bullock, Mike Bullock, Ray Hare, and Eric Hardiman. They each play in several other projects, but together they conjure a unique blend of improvised and often atmposhpheric doom-laden beauty.

Should be a fun night - come help us start the year off right. Only a $5 donation.

see you wed. 1/28!