Sunday, March 29, 2015


Come join us for another incredible night sponsored by the Albany Sonic Arts Collective.  Following a massively successful show featuring Chris Corsano and Bill Nace, we've got just what you need to usher in Spring! 

What to expect?  Stunningly hypnotic swells of drone, textural ambience, blissful noise, and more!  This is Derek's first ever East Coast appearance too!


Wednesday April 8th
Music at 8PM
Upstate Artists Guild
247 Lark St.
Albany, NY

DEREK ROGERS (born 4 September 1980) is an American musician active in electronic composition, drone, free-improv, glitch, ambient, and noise textures.  He utilizes laptop processing as well as traditional instrumentation and field recordings to create emotionally resonant instrumental soundscapes.  Rogers is predominantly known as a prolific solo artist, having released some 50+ albums since 2007, and has recently collaborated with musicians such as Marcus Rubio, A.F. Jones, and Lee Noble in the duo Circuit Rider UK.  Currently, he is based in Dallas, TX.

"...makes me think not of faded memories or summer haze, but brains and stimulus, input and output – the chemical and mathematical nature of experience. It’s moving too – parts make me want to lie down for a while – but the best of Prevais lights up my gray matter." -- Marc Masters (Pitchfork Media)

"[Mist & Drift] has two long pieces that are slow moving, complexly layered and dreamily beautiful...the second piece begins with field recordings, then moves into slabs of electronic sounds organized in a way that recalls a string quartet, before the shifts start to become more menacing.  Very nice." -- Byron Coley (The Wire)

"Derek Rogers is the underdog of ambient music in the tape scene. Having issued triumphant works of modestly epic, vibrantly understated sounds on a bevy of imprints that read like a rap sheet of modern legends (Bathetic, Scotch, 905, Jehu & Chinaman, Obsolete Units, Hausu Mountain, Patient Sounds, Tape Drift, et al,), Rogers maintains a precise balancing act between glitching, grotesque, achingly stoic, and disarmingly beautiful. Although Rogers’ canon varies from release to release, you can count on each being a sincerely moving set of music." -- Bobby Power (Decoder Magazine)

"...electronic musician Derek Rogers is a genius when it comes to balancing minimalism with dense, abstract ideas. His expert sense of patience, mood and timbre was stunningly exemplified in his Circuit Rider UK collaboration with Lee Noble out on Jehu & Chinaman earlier this year, garnering much praise." -- Diego Aguilar (Decoder Magazine)
, formerly of Western Mass, returns from his new home in Dallas TX for a rare performance of creative sound generation. Whether as a member of Non-Event, the head of the Sedimental record label  or as a radio DJ, Rob has always focused his attention on the curatorial side of the experimental music scene.  Recently moving into performance zones, Rob has been indulging a long-gestating musical idea that was based on a conversation he and Paul Collegio (a fellow WZBC DJ) had many years ago regarding their love for and fascination with lock grooves. As an avid vinyl collector with a diverse taste in music, he has identified dozens of lock grooves throughout his record collection to draw from. The project is both highly personal, riffing on his collection and his DJ work, and also one that taps into a rather arcane form of “sampling.” Working exclusively with these hidden run-out lock grooves on pre-existing recordings as source material, he creates hypnotic and unpredictable sound collages that work both sides of the familiar and preternatural.

is the solo project of Eric Hardiman, co-founder of the Albany Sonic Arts Collective.  He also plays in Century Plants, Burnt Hills, Twilight of the Century, Location Ensemble, Insects Waiting, and Mensheviks.

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