Monday, September 3, 2012

Kevin Greenspon + more TBA!!

Another fantastic night of electronic improvised music, presented by the Albany Sonic Arts Collective. This time we'll be hosting Kevin Greenspon from California. Plus more acts to be announced soon!



MENSHEVIKS (Weston/Hare/Griffin/Hardiman)

Sat. Sept. 8
8:00 PM
Upstate Artists Guild

247 Lark St.
Albany, NY

$5 suggested donation

Kevin Greenspon is a musician from Los Angeles, CA that blends ambient, electronic, drone, field recording and harsh noise composition into short songs that can be likened to miniature film scores. Primarily using guitar, effects and tape collage techniques, each song is an emotionally engaging arrangement of melodies and electronics fueled by a storytelling nature.

Century Plants are the Albany-based duo of Ray Hare (electronics, guitars, vocals) and Eric Hardiman (guitars, bass, electronics).  For the past 5+ years, Century Plants have explored the abstract intersections between genres such as psych, dub, noise, minimalism, rock, and others. Ever restless, their approach to any given show can vary wildly and the results are always entertaining. 

Mensheviks is the moniker for a one-time collaboration between 4 of Albany's busiest experimentalists - Matt Weston, Ray Hare (Fossils from the Sun/Century Plants/Burnt Hills), Mike Griffin (Parashi/Burnt Hills), and Eric Hardiman (Rambutan/Century Plants/Burnt Hills).  Who knows what to expect when this foursome gets going?

 Restraint and subtlety are key elements in Kevin Greenspon's work, carefully balancing between sparse quietude and dense layering of orchestral melodies and crackling textures as fingerpicked guitar notes seemingly swell in from reverse, weaving a constantly shifting atmosphere with deliberation and focus, never losing control of the space as a medium for channeling sound into song.

Extensive touring history includes hundreds of performances at galleries and universities such as the Berkeley Art Museum as well as unconventional spaces ranging from meat lockers, buses, factories, clothing stores and countless houses and DIY art spaces across the country. Past performances include shows with bands such as Growing, Future Islands, Former Ghosts, Lucky Dragons, Eric Copeland (of Black Dice), Dan Deacon, Cloud Nothings, Daniel Francis Doyle, Lee Noble, Pulse Emitter, Pedestrian Deposit, Sean McCann and many more.

You can see videos, hear music, and read more about Kevin here:


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