Monday, August 18, 2008

Next event = FRIDAY 8/29!!

Quick announcement here, full press release with bios SOON!!!

FRIDAY Aug. 29, ASAC is proud to present:

Vic Rawlings (cello, electronics) - Boston
Andrew Lafkas (bass) - Queens
Bryan Eubanks (electronics) - Brooklyn
Mike Bullock (contrabass, electronics) - Troy

Andrew, Bryan, and Mike have all played ASAC before, and we're thrilled to be having them back of course. But it's Vic we're most excited about hosting for his ASAC debut appearance. If you haven't heard the magical things Vic does with his cello, homemade instruments, and electronics treatments, you are in for a very special surprise. Please make it out if you can, and as always, bring some friends!!

Friday 8/29
Albany, NY
doors at 7:30, show at 8
donation at door

See you then!

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Kris said...

Hey, love what you're doing up there. I was wondering if you had an email or number that I could call to discuss the ASAC. We're part of a program in New Orleans that is trying something similar and I'd love some direction.