Thursday, July 24, 2008

TWO SHOWS in one week!!!

Two upcoming shows to tell you about next week. We know there's a lot going, but it'd be a serious mistake to miss out on these happenings. Albany is finally getting on the map for underground music, and these shows are a great example. And if you're feeling like you should make a choice, just take the chance and hit BOTH of these shows. We wouldn't steer you wrong!

And as usual, if you can't make it, tell a few of your pals - we really want to keep the energy of our past shows going, and we need you all there! Thanks for spreading the word.

THURS. JULY 31 -- UAG Gallery 247 Lark St. 8:00 PM SHARP!!!

Hair Police (noise psych rock masters from Lexington, KY)
Bone Parade (Albany's own makers of "dark soundscapes" )
Twilight of the Century (Troys' Rise Set Twilight meets Albany's Century Plants - see what happens!)
Ghoul Poon + Jason Cosco (electronics/ noise/madness/ excellence from Albany)

8PM's the time. $10 is the suggested donation. Hair Police are amazing, and include Mike Connelly from Wolf Eyes, if that helps sweeten the deal for you. If you like your rock LOUD, weird, righteous, and intense, be there...

SUNDAY AUG. 3 -- UAG Gallery 247 Lark St. 7:00 PM SHARP!!! ****************************************************************************

The NO MORE BUSH Tour makes a stop in Albany!! We told you about this one already, and we'll keep reminding you because we don't want anyone sleeping on this special night. Rock legends, underground and otherwise, come together to celebrate the end of the Bush era. And since they're legends, this show will definitely be... legendary!

A fantastic array of talent, different styles, genres, you name it. Show of the year in Albany? You bet. If you have questions about who the performers are, and why they're legends, just shoot us an email, or scroll down to the next post for some bios to read...

Zaika (Tom Carter & Marcia Bassett)
Jack Rose
Valerie Webber
50 Foot Women + Axolotl
Charles Plymell
Kate Village + John Morton
Byron Coley + Ziamaluch

Hope to see you all out for these shows!

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