Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Century Plants in Saratoga with Sunburned!

Not an ASAC event, but we hope you'll make it up to Saratoga on April 12th to catch CENTURY PLANTS opening up for SUNBURNED HAND OF THE MAN. Thanks to the Saratoga Arts Council for putting this one on.

Saturday April 12th, 8PM
at The Arts Center
320 Broadway, Saratoga
$5, all ages

Century Plants, featuring Eric Hardiman and Ray Hare, is a guitar-based duo from Albany, NY playing improvisational noisy psychedelic minimalism. Working with an array of sound sources and strategies, they create sonic systems that simultaneously unsettle and hypnotize listeners. They've been described as "Part raging metallic clang by way of the holy Shred, part meditative feedbacking in total Zen style", "hazy psychedelia", "massive inferno style guitar destruction" and "axe-slinging skull soothers". One review notes that "The music .... contains both fuzz-drenched melodic improvisation and blistering atonal squall, blending themselves to create a musical behemoth that is both intimidating and accessible." Another describes their music as "extremely tense, dark and utterly spellbinding" made up of "a rich tapestry of textures".

Century Plants have released 6 full-length recordings in their first year alone, on underground labels from all over the globe, including Hardiman's Tape Drift Records. They've also appeared on compilations and split releases. A feature interview is found on Foxy Digitalis.

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