Wednesday, December 26, 2007

End of the Year stuff

So 2007 is rapidly drawing to a close. We'd like to post some year-end lists, so please submit them if you have them! No rules, no boundaries, just list some stuff that impacted you this year and that you'd like to share your perspective on. We'll try to get 'em compiled and posted ASAP.

A full announcement will follow soon, but for now, make sure to hold SATURDAY JANUARY 5th open on your calendars for the next ASAC event. It'll be the first in our monthly series for 2008, and will feature a solo set by Holland Hopson on banjo + electronics. Also playing a solo set that night will be Jason Cosco on turntables, percussion, and electronics. It'll all go down at the UAG gallery on Lark St. again, a wonderful space.

Don't forget your lists, have a great end of the year, and we'll be seeing you all soon!